Apr 28, 2014

Create New Brand


According to ewebbers studio vision, we astounding the target audience of our client with our creative ideas employing a mix of colors through cutting edge technologies. We presenting this small presentation for quick points on our simple process to create new business brand to achieve business targeted value which is reputation from our clients because they are our partners.


Every day you have an idea that accuse your mind and thinking about it hardly every time, Finally, you got its initial thoughts and want to present and sale to your audience in very clever, simple, artistic and remarkable way. NEXT STEP: SELECT YOUR BUSINESS NAME


Its not easy job to mix up your mission and vision for your new brilliant idea into one or two words. You have to summarize all your thoughts, dreams and plans into few words to get your newborn attracting your audience as new entity name in the market, The Ideas Palette submitting complete ideas for business name with full description and illustrations. NEXT STEP: LOGO AND SLOGAN


The Ideas Palette identifies your business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon mixed up with selective colors. NEXT STEP: CORPORATE IDENTITY


To make your brand perceive its emotional corporate image as a whole, The Ideas Palette creates visual aspects that form part of the overall brand guidelines through creative and unique stationeries and printing staff that will help you to start communication with your audience in the market. To be consistent and keeping every thing according to your brand instructions, we creating corporate identity guidelines that will help and support your business to keep brand image unique, harmonious and congruous in the market.

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