Jul 15, 2013

ewebbers studio building new brands everywhere - Karmida Story

Date: 7th of May, 2012

Country: UAE

Client Name: Mr. Mansoor Ali

Business Scop:
We are an exclusive paving products (interlocks) manufacturing company based in UAE. Looking for a brand name & logo specifically in Arabic which should have a domain in ".com". The brand name should attract the Arab community. The brand name should not be very long, however short & simple like Äjmal" that is used for a Perfume company. Some of the words that we have in mind in English that can be translated to Arabic; Exclusive Pavers Elite Pavers Innovative Paving desing Unique Pavers We have tried translating it in Arabic by ourself, however the words are too long. The logo can be done in Arabic caligraphy or modern design, however we should like it and it should match the brand name that you come up with and the business that we are associated with.
ewebbers studio building new brands everywhere - Karmida Story

Our concept for selecting this brand for marketing in the future to be reserved words in humans mind, so the meaning of the word “Pavers” is “أرضيات”  and then for English context will be “Charming Pavers” with the Arabic meaning “أرضيات خلابة/جذابة” because this business filed I think will be used for decoration in villas so we must take care of art sense for attracting the client, on the other hand “impressive pavers” with the Arabic meaning “أرضيات مبهرة/مثيرة للإعجاب”   and this is meaning for your final delivery to your clients such as portrait and finally the words “Brick” is part of “Pavers” which mean “قالب / قرميد / لبنة”  and it is unit of your final delivery to the client a block of bricks which constructing pavers.

Final brand name in English is:
"Impressive Pavers"

Final brand name in Arabic is:
"أرضيات مبهرة"

Client Feedback:
"Thank you very much for the new designs, I really enjoyed working with you ... Mr. Mansoor Ahamad Ali"