Nov 11, 2012

Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer compatibility and web designers face to face game

The internet tools and scripts like jQuery and Ajax are very fast forward technology and full of very wide range of different techniques all over the world, meanwhile, web developers and designers must change and update all tactics and techniques to ease of use of latest technology for best delivery over the internet and let them WYSIWYG catching eyes for all followers over the internet, clients or social networks.

Internet Explorer is still contains a lot of compatibility problems and difficulties that let most of developers, designers and even internt users run away from the Internet Explorer browser, and I think all of them are looking for good news from Microsoft to find solution to this problem because the fact is for small analysis on our website analytics management we get the following analysis

Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer ewebbers studio browsing report

Browser chart explains that Internet Explorer is going to be far away from competition after Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari which may lead this browser to be old story in the coming future technology.

From my point of view if they change them restrictions and old techniques that handling Java Script for jQuery and Ajax, I think this may help them go back to the track and they may find position in the coming very few years.

By Ahmed Abdelhameed – 11/11/2012