Apr 27, 2011

How to Keep Visitors On Your Website Longer

If you own a website you probably want more people coming to see it and at the same time you want them come back and visit it again and interact with it.
To do that we have 6 habits we selected them for you to be applied and then get back to us and leave comment on this post telling us what are the results.

The 6 habits to keep your website visitors around:
1.      Make Sure You Are Relevant.
Make sure that all keywords of your website are 100% relevant to your web content.
2.      Get Rid Of External Links on Your Homepage
to let visitors stay and browse your website contents, don't let them go out through external links for another websites.
3.      Offer Relevant Internal Links To Related Pages
Select your internal links labels and names carefully and wisely in order to be relevant to the linked pages to be useful and worthy for website visitors.
4.      Encourage Interaction
Interaction between visitor and your website pages like commenting, voting and registering is very important to your website, so develop your website dynamic not static.
5.      Stop Being Boring
If you want your visitors come back, add crazy picture to get your reader’s attention or telling a story, or YouTube funny video related to your content, it’s up to you to keep your traffic entertained.
6.      Make Sure Your Content Is Easy To Follow
There’s nothing worse than an article that tries to explain something and ends up just confusing you even more. Make sure that your articles are easy to read, have clarity of thought, and are laid out in a way that is logical. Even your navigation should make sense; I mean you have to organize your directories and categories to be easy for navigation.